Onda Luxy Bubbles Baby Spa Bath

  • This bathtub is the latest development from the "Wellbeing Program"
  • 0-12 months

    luxy bubbles bath

  • Onda Luxy



    From birth the skin is the organ that filters the outer world. For this reason this delicate sense organ is of the utmost importance. The infantile psychology places the development of thought and mind right from the first life year and the skin is the organ of this development.

    (Ashley Montagu, Touching, The Human Significance of the Skin, 1971).

  • Luxy Bubbles Baby Bath

    More than a bath.

    Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Onda Luxy Bubbles Baby Spa draws inspiration from traditional jacuzzi/spa products. By adapting similar technology,

    OK baby have developed a whirlpool bath specifically designed to sooth the delicate physique of a baby.

    Specialist air jets powered by an acclaimed quiet pump provide gentle hydro massage alongside the ambient glow of inbuilt LED lights providing chromo-therapy for a truly immersive experience.

    The benefits of hydro massage include aided relaxation, reduced anxiety and improved blood circulation, plus bubbles are fun! Find the colour of light to suit baby's mood or set them to scroll through the spectrum in the 'relax bath' cycle.

    Childcare experts state that a soothing bedtime ritual is proven to aid better sleep and what could be more soothing than a spa?!

  • Luxy Bubbles Baby Bath

    A control panel displays the temperature (˚C) taken by an integral digital thermometer, enabling you to monitor the temperature of the bath water throughout bathing.*

    For babies aged 0-6months, the interior of this sculptural tub is ergonomically engineered to provide the optimum bathing angle, whilst providing support to baby under their arms and legs.

    The added support helps baby feel secure and gives carers an extra hand at bath time for bathing or playing. From 6-12 months, the infant can bath at the opposite side when they no longer require the support.

    It is delivered complete with a flexible drainage hose for ease of emptying and integral wheels for transporting around the home.

    *this product does NOT heat the water. The ideal temperature for bathing an infant is 37/38˚C. Standard hot tubs and Jacuzzis are never recommended for children under 12years old due to heat exhaustion risks.

  • Luxy Bubbles Baby Bath

    Features & Benefits

    • Suitable from birth to 12months
    • Integral ergonomic bath support
    • Digital temperature display and control panel
    • Gentle hydro massage from 10 air jets
    • Chromo-therapy system made up of 6 colour changing LED lights
    • Static or scrolling cycle light modes
    • Roll-away stand for transportation
    • Flexible drainage hose included
    • Easy to assemble
    • 2 year warranty

    Technical Details

    • Dimensions:W74 x L92 x H93mm
    • Total weight (including stand): 27kg
    • Water volume: 12L
    • Digital display: ˚C
    • Power supply: includes AC-DC power adapter (230V 50Hz)
    • Internal power supply: 12V (low voltage for maximum safety )

Instructions / Technical data


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